Pantie Police

I didn’t know that there were “Pantie Police” in a department store until today.
I don’t what to get too personal, however, I just had to share my “Brain Color” experience.

I wanted to purchase some new panties that were sold as a set of three on the hanger. Two were solid colors and one was a fun print. Of course, my “Orange Brain” preferred the print to the solid design.

I could have switched the panties on the hangers, but my “Blue Authentic Brain” went to the customer service desk to ask for assistance. When it was my turn, I showed the customer service representative the sets of panties and asked, “May I, please, exchange the printed panties from two other sets that had two solids and one print to create one set of printed panties. Then I would have one set of  three printed panties, which I prefer.”

“No!” She replied.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because that can’t be done.” She said.

“You have other sets that have three different solid panties.” I commented. “I just want to create a new set of printed panties.”

“We can’t do that because they come into the store that way.” Her “Yellow Brain” said.

“The panties also are sold separately, not just as a set.” I reminded her.

Here comes my “Green Logic”…
“We would just be creating one new set of prints and two sets of solids.”

It wasn’t easy for her “Yellow Brain:This is always how it is done” perspective, but she finally got my point and I got my panties.

Hopefully, the  store “Pantie
Police” will not discover what we had done. I wouldn’t want her to get
fired for being creative and offering me good customer service for my
“Preferred Panties”!

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