Outrageous Orange Conflict Resolution

“Who Stole The cookie From The Cookie Jar?” is the title of this picture below.


The following are the photographers descriptive
captions for “The CrasHBURN identity crisis:”
a.) “The grumpy crashy: You did it again! I mean it,
I’m gonna kick you’re a*s!”

The “Orange” trickster getting caught
b.) “The childish and schizophrenic crashy:
I swear I didn’t do it! Did we, BLUE?”
The “Orange” child like behavior
c.) “The prank-inducing crashy: hehehehe.. nice life!”
The “Orange”prankster having fun

This photo is a perfect example of the conflict an Orange Brainer experiencing with himself,
besides what he might have with other Brain Colors.

The following Brainer Clues will help you deal with Internal and External conflict and help you create more compatibility with an Orange Brainer.

Orange Brainer Conflict Clues
1. Acts immaturely and is belligerent
2. Becomes disobedient, breaks rules
3. Is rude and physically aggressive
4. Drops out physically and emotionally
5. Shows compulsive behavior

Orange Brainer Compatibility Clues
1. Demonstrates skillfulness
2. Competes with others
3. Is courageous and takes risks
4. Enjoys life’s challenges
5. Expresses themselves freely

My What Color Is Your Brain? poem might help you observe and interpret the 4 Brain Color Conflict Signals.
Greens never want to be wrong and
Yellows always need be right.
Blues continue to talk and talk, while
Oranges need to take a hike.

What is your Brain Color Behavior when you are feeling conflicted?

You might be surprise! Check out the previous June Weekly Brain Color Clues.

How do create compatibility with an Orange Brainer when they are feeling conflicted? 

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“Who Stole The cookie From The Cookie Jar?” flicr credit

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