Our Family Passover Seder

A short  “Blue Brain Family” post today. We’re off to join our Elrod cousins for our family Passover Seder.
Our cousin Richard leads the Seder every year. It’s lovely sharing the holiday with our cousins and their children. Wonderful memories of family Seders from my childhood. I enjoy reading from the same Haggadah that my father used at our Seders; and Jordan and I used when we lived in Mammoth Lakes, California and we invited friends to join our family for the Holiday.

We all enjoy watching the children search for the Afikomen, singing traditional holiday songs, the asking of the Four Questions by the youngest child, taking turns reading from the Haggadah and sharing the rituals and eating customary foods during the meal that begins the 8 day Holiday. 

Chag Sameach, A joyful Holiday/Festival!

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