Organized ColorfulTeamwork!

“Yellow Brain Planning” is offering me another level of comfort in my life. In fact, today, I am wearing a yellow tee shirt! I learned that trick from the children in the schools where I have visited, when they want to reinforce their Brain Colors.

So much has been happening in the last few months that I was feeling overwhelmed by all the work, Princess Shayna writing deadlines, and excitement. However, having a remarkable “Brainbow” support team of people has enhanced my Yellow Organization Skills.

Yellow Brainers offer direct answers and tell when your plans are not practical or your communications are not clear.

Blue Brainers offer brainstorming and conversations to discuss the creative options and opportunities.

Green Brainers offer reality and encourage you to continue researching your ideas.

Orange Brainers offer excitement about a project and keep you motivated and energized.

My friend and blog mentor, Karen Hanrahan, a.k.a Mother Earth, encouraged me to print out a calendar to see my blog schedule

I also wrote my tasks on a yellow legal pad where can write additions and check off my accomplishments, instead of keeping them on the computer.

Wow, I love the visual and physical act of writing my tasks, instead of typing them into my Anytime calendar program. I really  makes a difference because the physical act of writing imprints the tasks in my “Yellow Brain”!

Colorful Teamwork is every Brain Color giving you a hand to become more organized and comfortable!

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