Orange Brainers Vacation and Reunions with Family and Friends

The last Brain Color Clue entry for this month is definitely not the least. It is all about having a grand time 
with the “Orange Brainers” who love to have fun, be spontaneity and experience variety on their vacations
or at family reunions.  

Orange Brainers find unfamiliar or exotic places and meeting new people exciting. Sporting trips such as helicopter skiing, crewing on a sailboat, whitewater rafting, or going on an African safari are at  the top of their list. However, they find it advantageous to do “Yellow Brain” planning to have the right equipment and reservations for their activities at the destination, even if it means ignoring other people’s plans.

Shopping for and purchasing the sporting equipment is almost as much fun as the vacation. 

An “Orange Brainer’s” accommodations do not have to be fancy; however, if they have the means, they will spend the money for the best. A spur of the moment trip or short weekend getaway is the perfect escape from the boredom of their daily routine.

They will get in the car and continue driving until they find a place that looks interesting or entertaining. Rest and relaxation are a significant part of their vocabulary and a requirement to recover from their frantic fun.

Whether you are in your home, at a family reunion or on a vacation, I hope all the Brain Color Clues this month will help to enhance your relationships with your family members and friends. In fact, for many of us, we consider 
our family members our friends and our friends as our family members. 

I hope the following poem, by Bessie P. Owns, will resonate with you and your all Brain Color familial and fun relationships. In her poem, “Friendship,” Bessie expresses how joyful it is to be understood, share a meaningful bond and irreplaceable acceptance.

An Understanding Friend
A smile and cheerful greeting from someone on life’s way;
A handclasp warm and tender, how it brightens up the day!
Just to feel that understanding when our hope’s about to end,
And life is sad and weary… Oh, the joy to have a friend.

Who are your “Orange Brain” Friends and/or Family Members?
Why do you consider them fun or frantic to be with?
What do you do to create “Orange Brain” fun in your life?

Sheila N. Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator ~ Personality Expert 

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