Olympic Beach Volleyball Teammates Personify True Friendship

I loved watching Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh Jennings during the Beach Volleyball competition and their winning game for the Olympic Gold medal!

During the Olympic games, Misty’s and Kerri’s friendship, love, trust, encouragement, and respect for one another was palpable  When a reporter asked Kerri how she felt about Misty, with tears in her eyes she replied,  “I just love that woman!”

I could not stop comparing Misty and Kerri to my dearest friend and college room mate, Michelle Bracken and myself. I could completely relate to the different aspects of  friendship. However, during our 49 year friendship we have never  played beach volley ball. Since we were 18 years of age, Michelle and I have shared life’s triumphs and tragedies in our personal and professional lives!

I believe, Kerri’s and Misty’s friendship and Michelle’s and mine, personify copious Brain Colors Personality attributes and abilities of true and loyal friends.

Yellow Friendship is always knowing that you can count on your friend to be “Rependable”: Responsible, Respectful, Accountable and Dependable.

Blue Friendship is built on trust and trustworthiness.
TO TRUST: A strong sense of openness and sharing of ideas and feelings.

TO BE TRUSTWORTHY: The ability to accept others and their contributions, to support, recognize and affirm others’ strengths and capabilities, and exhibit cooperative and honest intentions.

Green Friendship enables you to help your friend solve their problem, without telling them what to do and by examining an issue objectively instead of emotionally. 

Orange Friendship creates resourceful, fun-filled and winning teamwork.  Friendships need an energizing cheerleader to be encouraging when you are  feeling out of steam or self-esteem.

Misty’s quote about her friend Kerri is exactly what I would say about Michelle… “It’s very similar to a marriage or sisterhood. I don’t have a sister but I consider her a sister. We’ve been through thick and thin…”

Michelle and I are blessed and grateful for our many friends, our husband, children and grandchildren. And all of them recognize we are “BFFE”  (Best Friends Forever & Ever) Friendship!

Michelle is Lady Michelle in Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. In my fairytale, Lady Michelle and Lord John (Michelle’s husband) give Princess Shayna an and Lord John (Michelle’s husband) give Princess Shayna two Precious Gifts…

“The first gift is an Intuition Compass,” Lord John said. “When the princess uses the compass, the silver needle will spin to the North to a miniature painting of the Village of the Yellow Sunflowers, East to the Village of the Blue Forget-Me-Nots, South to the Village of the Green Healing Herbs, or West to the Village of the Orange Tiger Lilies. Her Intuition Compass will give her self-direction, wisdom to follow her heart, and compassion when making decisions that will affect herself and others.”

“The second Precious Gift is a resonating sea shell from the long island on which we once lived,” Lady Michele said. “The sea shell will teach Princess Shayna to respectfully listen to others, even if their point of view is different from hers. This sea shell is the treasured gift of loyal friendship.”

I hope you are blessed with a True and Loyal Friendship!

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