Noah to the Rescue!

Noah to the rescueAnswering students’ SOS call

A few weeks after we returned from the diabetes clinic, Joshua put together a diabetes presentation for the staff at his high school. “Cracker,” the cafeteria manager, told Joshua he was well acquainted with diabetes because his wife also had Type I. Cracker also told Joshua that if he didn’t have time to get to the diabetes supplies in his locker, he could come to the cafeteria and take whatever food he needed, whenever he needed it.

A few weeks later, Joshua felt his glucose take a nosedive. He left his math class and headed straight to the cafeteria to get some regular (not diet) soda pop. On his way back to class, he sat to sip the drink and then passed out in front of the library. Several students saw him collapse and ran to get his brother, Noah, who cared for Joshua as the librarian called the volunteer fire department and me.

When I arrived, the principal was trying to get the students standing around Joshua and Noah to move away. “It’s OK,” I told him. “They should learn about what’s happening in case they experience this situation again with Joshua or someone else. Besides, Joshua doesn’t realize what is happening and he won’t remember.”

By the time the two paramedics arrived, Joshua was slowly coming out of his reaction. Noah was so proud of himself when the paramedics told him he had taken such expert care of his brother that all they had to do was check his vital signs.

Because Noah was knowledgeable about taking care of Joshua, and the students and school staff were alert, they were able to help and learn from an unexpected lesson. Diabetes offers you an opportunity to become a life-long learner. Share your knowledge with others!

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