"As a business leader, often pressed for time, I love the easy to read memoir snippets. There’s a uniquely authentic quality to the business sense shared as real correspondence between employer and employees. I expect every reader will find an anecdote that speaks to them." TJ Butler, Chief Software Architect at Mesh Systems LLC

No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense) is not a Band Aid® for your business problems, It is a blueprint to achieve and maintain business success; it features 50 timely and timeless truths business school cannot teach you!

 No Bunk, Just BS delivers straight talk, logical suggestions, and candid solutions for business owners, leaders, managers, and team members.

No Bunk, Just BS is easy to read, educational, and encouraging. It provides readers with insightful and mindful solutions that de-bunk impersonal and cynical attitudes and trendy jargon, and teaches and restores uncomplicated business sense, satisfaction, and success in the workplace.

 No Bunk, Just BS offers readers authentic and time-tested business knowledge and proficiencies that cannot be learned in business school. This anthology consists of 5 chapters. Each chapter includes 10 sensible anecdotes and adages, mindful acknowledgements and advice, and motivating stories and quotes that are prophetic and perpetual.

No Bunk, Just BS will be available in September 2018! 

10% of the royalties from the sale of No Bunk, Just BS  will be allocated to the JDRF Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

 "I love the timeless treasures in this book. Sheila, like her father, has a knack for delivering No Nonsense business tips that are as relevant today as they were decades ago. Employees that know they are appreciated are the keystone to success. I will definitely have my staff read this book so we can discuss how we, as a team, can further fine tune our customer’s experience." Jill Winalis Looff, Owner and Vice President, Signs By Tomorrow

 “Sheila’s work provides busy executives with wisdom and anecdotes that address how to maintain a sense of workplace community as technology and cultural shifts teeter us toward disengagement. Her approach is a refreshing primer on truths worth revisiting.” Marsha L. Turner, CAE, Chief Executive Officer International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)

 “Sheila is a thoughtful author who stimulates innovation around how leaders think. Any of her publications would be well worth the read and consideration for distribution within a leadership team.” Matthew Primack, PT, DPT, MBA, President, Advocate Christ Medical Center

 “Within every piece she authors, Sheila communicates clarity of purpose and a constancy of focus upon the true values that motivate and empower all of us.  I look forward to gifting copies of this next book to all my associates and embracing it as a key tool in renewing how we do business.” Nedd Neddersen, President, IDM Hospitality Management

 "Sheila is an amazing author and an inspiration to all. Her new book would be a beneficial read for my business partners and my employees. It would also be a great gift to give my clients." Jad N. Lahoud, President & CEO,  L&H Partners, Construction and Realty