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"As a business leader, often pressed for time, I love the easy to read memoir snippets. There’s a uniquely authentic quality to the business sense shared as real correspondence between employer and employees. I expect every reader will find an anecdote that speaks  to them." TJ Butler, Chief Software Architect at Mesh Systems LLC

No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense) is not a Band Aid® for your business problems. It’s a blueprint to achieve and maintain business success.

 No Bunk, Just BS delivers straight talk, logical suggestions, and candid solutions for business owners, leaders, managers, and team members.

No Bunk, Just BS is easy to read, educational, and encouraging. It provides readers with insightful and mindful solutions that de-bunk impersonal and cynical attitudes and trendy jargon. It teaches and restores uncomplicated business sense, satisfaction, and success in the workplace.

 "I was so inspired by the book. It’s a great reminder of the basic principles of business. This book is fascinating! I couldn't put it down. A wonderful reference tool for the reader as different business situations arise."  Courtney Childers Lyons, Operations Manager, All Ways Healthy

"No Bunk grabbed my attention from the get-go. Once I began reading, I couldn't put it down! Sheila Glazov delivers precious business gems in a direct, authentic, and meaningful way that are relevant today as when they were initially penned." Laurie Buchanan, PhD, holistic health practitioner, transformation life coach, author of Note to Self and The Business of Being

10% of the royalties from the book sales of No Bunk is allocated to The Raue Center For The Arts Mission Imagination, fine arts education program.