No Bunk – Customer Service and Care Truth #9 – Customers Need an Incentive to Continue a Relationship with You.

Today’s post is from my family business memoir, No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense), which is my latest book.

This post is based an excerpt from Chapter 4  – Customer Service and Care Truths.

Below is the wise advice that emphasizes the importance of understanding and knowing what your customers needs as an incentive to continue their relationship with you.


I Am Your Customer

I am sensitive, especially when I am spending my money.
Whatever my personal habits may be, you can be sure of this:
I am a real nut on the type of service I receive.

If I detect signs of carelessness, unkept promises, poor quality, poor packing of a shipment, ill manners or misconduct, I will take my business elsewhere.
I am your customer now, but you must continue to prove that selecting you was a wise move in the first place.

If I should ever criticize your service, take heed.
I do not dream up displeasure.

Let’s find the source of the problem and eliminate it so that we can continue to remain business friends.
Provide the incentive for me to continue to do business with you and I will!

Think about the incentives you offer your customers to continue their relationship with you!   


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