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My “Yellow Brain” was committed to learning the Go-Daddy Email Marketing Newsletter format for my August Brain Buzz Newsletter.

My “Brainbow Personality” is most grateful to Tani Wiggins, Quality Assurance Manager and team member extraordinaire, and Raj Nijjer, Director, Product and Software Development, for their “Blue Brain Patience” and “Orange/Green Brain Hands-on Problem Solving”!

I switched newsletter providers because I am continually impressed and delighted with the quintessential service that Go-Daddy provides and their reasonable pricing.

Enjoy reading the August Brain Buzz Newsletter with Brain Color Tips about:
a. Helping parents and teachers now that students are going back to school,
b. Dealing with business changes,
c. Starting a conversation with your children while reading Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and using the Gift Giver’s Guide at the back of the book,
d. Helping the veterans who serve and protect our country, and
e. Staying connected.

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