New Extensive Teacher’s Activity Guide for Your School or Home School Classroom!

Teacher’s Activity Guide forPrincess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift” is now available!

1. Teachers can now reignite their teaching and reengage their students!
2. Teachers can create more cooperation, harmony, critical thinking, and creative problem solving in their classroom by creating a Kingdom of Kindness!
3. Teachers can discover a solid foundation of life-long communication skills that go beyond the classroom; like multiplication tables, your students will never forget them!

School teachers and home school parents can teach the messages in Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and the concepts in What Color Is Your Brain?® to help their students and children:
• Achieve a greater understanding of themselves and others
• Reduce and redirect bully behavior
• Accept and appreciate individual differences
• Deal with life’s triumphs and tragedies

This colorful, engaging, and extensive educational Teacher’s Activity Guide is the perfect resource for teaching Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success and meeting state Common Core Standards. This time-tested companion to Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift includes:
• The Princess Shayna Picture Book
70+ Unique Classroom Activities
3 Specific Brain Color/Village Quizzes
Bonus Gift Giver’s Guide, Vision Quest, and Villages Questions
Original Worksheets and Coloring Pages
Fun Word Lists, Games, Mind Maps, Puzzles, Diagrams, and Recipes
Helpful Classroom Activity Photos

The Teacher’s Activity Guide will compliment all the Brain Colors in your classroom:
The Yellow Brain content is an organized and effective addition to your lesson plans.
The Blue Brain content is the perfect compliment for cooperative learning activities.
The Green Brain content offers precise information to create a Kingdom of Kindness in your classroom.
The Orange Brain content makes learning fun, energizing, and exciting!

Tell your fellow teachers and home school parents that the Teacher’s Activity Guide for “Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift is now available and can be purchase at

Please remember that 10% of the royalties from the sale of all my books is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

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