My Secrets To Discover Buried Treasures In Your Office!

Yellow Brain Clean Up Plan

Today, I am continuing my Yellow Brain Clean Up My Office Plan to clean out the large file drawers in my office. I began last Friday, worked through last weekend, and continuing this week.

My Goal

My goal is to complete this project and then begin writing my new book, in September at the beginning of  the Jewish New Year of 5782!

My Cleaning Process

I systematiclly began the project of cleaning out all 8 file drawers, one at a time. However, I discovered it took longer that I expected. I had to read through various documents to see if they were still relevant. If document were relevant, I placed them on the floor to create a storyboard of information. It was amazing to find documents from 1995, brochures from conferences, receipts from hotels, travel, and meals, critiques from writing classes, copies of extra workshop materials, stationary, photos, marketing materials, business cards, flyers, labels, post cards, and newspaper articles!


I was listening to a podcast when I began my project. However, I had to turn off the podcast because I was shredding so many documents that I could not hear the podcast because the shredder was so loud. So far, I have filled 5 extra large garbage bags and I am sure I will continue to fill more, as I continue the process. I also have a stack of Brain Color coded file folders and copious green hanging folders that are empty.

Finding Buried Treasures

It was grand was discovering an abundance of one sheet handouts and workbooks from previous What Color Is Your Brain?® programs, Creativity workshops, and Visual Impact Planning sessions. I felt like I had discovered buried treasure from my professional life. It was lovely remembering all the people and organizations I have collaborated with over the years. I was thrilled to discover docuemnts that I can use in my new book!

Sence Of Accomplishment

I also felt grand sesnse of accomplishments, as I reviewed program materials, book manuscripts, and letters from clients, teachers, and students.

Brain Color In Action

Below are the Brain Color actions I am utilizing to work towards my goal:

My Yellow Brain decided to wear a Yellow tee shirt to remind me to stay organized.
My Blue Brain love the memories I discovered while reading letters, emails, and evaluations about my programs and books.
My Green Brain is systematic about going through each file drawer and shredding papers I no longer needed
My Orange Brain is enjoying the feeling of accomplishment!

Final Thought

Set aside time, determine your goals, and enjoy finding buried treasures as you enact your Yellow Brain Clean Up My Office Plan for your office and/or home that needs to be cleaned up and organized!


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