My Blue Brain Loved Being Back in a (Virtual) Classroom!

Back in the classroom

This afternoon, I told the GlobalEdSsChat teachers and student leaders that it was GRAND being back in a (virtual) classroom and being part of their remarkable program that connects teachers and students from all over the world.  See yesterday’s blog post: Education Chat for Students, Teachers and Parents – Building and Keeping Virtual Relationships!

Many Thanks

I thanked Jennifer Casa-Todd, who is the co-founder of  GlobalEdSsChat with my dear friend Leigh Cassell, and Michael Drezek, who is the lead teacher, for making my Blue Heart and Brain Smile! 💙
It was an honor and a privilege to be part of their GlobalEdSsChat, today!

I  want to acknowledged Jen, Leigh, and Michael for their idea to create this exciting forum for teachers and students. I think it is a perfect example that can demonstrate to teachers, students, and parents how to build and keep virtual relationships. Their collaboration between the teachers and students is brilliant! I told the team that I would be writing this blog post about my memorable experience!

Interacting with the student leaders

I loved speaking with the leadership students who were from Canada and the United States. It was enlightening to listen to the student leaders’ comments, and read the chat comments from the different teachers. My Orange Brain had fun connecting and explaining different Brain Color behaviors to their comments.

Learning new technology

My Green Brain enjoyed the challenges of getting out of my comfort zone and learning to work with different types of technology, such as: Twitter chatting, TweetDeck , and Flipgrid.  I was eager to learn the new technology because my Yellow Brain wanted to make sure I was being “Rependable” (responsible, respectful, accountable, and dependable)!

Closing thought

After the chat, I told my husband, “I loved learning from the teachers and their students! It felt so good to be back in a (virtual) classroom!  I am so happy when I am teaching!”

Watch the Video

(19) Building and Keeping Relationships Virtually – YouTube



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