My 1st Blog Conference

My 1st Blog Conference

As I said in my introduction, “While many women my age are choosing to play bridge, I have chosen to blog.” Today, I confirmed my commitment to blogging and registered for SOBCon08. It is a “Biz School for Blogging” conference founded and organized by Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker.

As a fledgling blogger,
I’m looking forward being a
“Green Brain Sponge!”

My friend and Blog Mentor, Karen Hanrahan, a.k.a. Mother Earth, invited and encouraged to attend the conference. My Blog Masters, Michael Snell, Marketing Strategy, M.D. and Derrick Sorles, Business Strategy, M.D. also told me “It’ll be a great conference!”

The process of blogging and committing to the conference is a giant stride for me. My (creative) Blue Brain personality is stepping up and stepping into a Grand (sequential) Green Brain Adventure.

I’m already contemplating my footwear. Maybe a pair of Green Clogs would be appropriate? They might make me feel more comfortable, while chatting with others about their Blogs!

Sheila Glazov~Author~Speaker~Educator

Turbo Tagger

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