When I was a child, a favorite birthday party game was “Musical Chairs“. When the music stop you did your best to find a seat and the one child left standing was out of the game.

Yesterday, Jordan and I concluded our Fall Color Vacation by driving home to attend a matinée at the Elgin Symphony. The program was the Music of Henry Mancini, conducted by Michael Berkowitz and was the 1st in the Pops series of the season.

I had changed our Saturday evening tickets to the Sunday matinée so we could enjoy another day in Door County. When I called to exchange the tickets I asked the young woman if there was going to be an pianist. We enjoy sitting on the left side of the music hall, so we can watch the magic that is created on the piano. The ticket agent said there was not going to be a piano, so changing our seats to the right side was fine for us.

When we arrived at our seats my excitement about attending the symphony began to escape like helium from a birthday balloon. I felt like I had been left standing with out a musical chair…

A grand piano was down right center on the stage.

When the overture began I noticed that the percussion section was filled with more instruments than normal. As the concert progressed, I realized that the percussion section, not the piano, was the in full display and participation. I was overjoyed!

Our “Musical Chairs” reminded me that changing my Brain Color

perspective and becoming a “Flexible Blue Brainer“, instead a

Disappointed My Plan Did Not Work Out Yellow Brainer

offered us a Grand View and Listening Experience!

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