Motorcycle Safety and Driving Awareness

Last night, Jordan and I attended our motorcycle club’s monthly meeting, an “Orange Brain” event. We are founding members of Top Cats of Illinois – Bikers Who Mean Business that was organized 15 years by our friend, the late Carl “Virgo” Bender.

We had not been able to attend the meeting for a while and were delighted to see “old” friends, with whom we share many years of spectacular rides and joyful memories.

One of our guest was Greg Zaffke. Greg is the founder of Black Nail Brigade, which is a foundation against “Negligent and Reckless Driving” that he created in “loving memory” of his mother Anita Zaffke. Anita was killed on May 2, 2009 in the “Nail Polish Crash.” The driver who killed Anita was polishing her nails when she struck Anita at 50 miles per hour.

Greg spoke to the membership about his foundation and awareness campaign, and invited the members to participate in the May 1st memorial ride.

The entire membership was impressed and moved by Greg’s dedication and goal to honor his mother and loved ones lost to reckless driving.

If you are interest in more information visit Greg’s website.

Drive Safely… Keep Your Eyes and Attention On the Road!

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