Mother’s Day Reflections about Your Relationship with Your Mother

Yesterday, all over the world, people celebrated and honored the “mothers” in their lives. The celebrations varied depending on the country and cultural traditions.

Children’r relationships with their mothers also differs depending on their Brain Colors! Understanding yours and your mother’s Brain Color attributes and abilities influence your ability to easily resolve conflicts and create a more love and harmony in your lives. Your perspectives differs from the viewpoints of others, and those similarities and differences impact your thoughts about your mother and how you interact with one another. Your joy and/or  anxiety is aggravated or enhanced by your personality and unique relationship your their mother.

Do you bicker with your Yellow Brain Mother because she always says you should save your money, and be more organized and responsible? Or are glad that your mother pays attention to your behavior and cares about how you handle your money and your life choices?

Does your Blue Brain Mother drive you crazy, because she cannot stop talking about her problems and emotionally requires a lot of attention? Or are you grateful that your mother trusts you and knows you are a good listener and advocate for her?

Are you puzzled when your Green Brain Mother expresses her high expectations, but never talks about or demonstrates her feelings for you? Or are you happy that your mother wants you to achieve success and does not coddle you?

Is your Orange Brain Mother fun to be with, but not someone to count on to be available when you need reliable help or sensible advice? Or are you thrilled that your mother also is your friend and minds her own business and not yours?

Green Brain and Yellow Brain children and their  mothers appreciate one another’s sense of responsibility, prudent and intelligence, while Blue Brain and Orange Brain children and their mothers value each other’s need for creativity, freedom and fun.

The photo that is feature in this blog post was taken father.  It is one of my favorites photos and memories of my mother and me! I was three years old standing with my loving and remarkable Yellow/Blue Brain mother in our garden wearing our fashionable mother-daughter dresses that my mother designed and sewed for us.


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