Mother Of The Bride Personality Types

The Mother of the Bride plays a significant role in a wedding and customarily offers her daughter sage advice.

A few days ago an article about Secretary State, Hillary Rodham Clinton grabbed my attention. The feature focused on Chelsea’s interfaith wedding, which will take place tomorrow.

Mrs. Clinton was quoted as saying, “Over the years, so many of the barriers that prevented people from getting married, crossing lines of faith or color or ethnicity have just disappeared,” she said. “Because what’s important is:

‘Are your making a responsible decision?
Have you
thought it through?
Do you understand the

And I think in the world that we’re in today we need more of that.”

I couldn’t resist adding the “Brain Colors” to Mrs. Clinton’s statement. The words she chose demonstrated her “Green/Yellow Brain” perspective about marriage.

The follow are the similar Mother of the Bride statements according to their “Brain Colors”:

Yellow Brain Mother: Are your making a responsible decision? Have your made a plan about your future? 
Do you understand how accountable you are to one another

Blue Brain Mother: Are your making a truthful decision? Have you talked it through? Do you honestly understand each other?

Green Brain Mother: Are your making a logical decision? Have you analyzed your relationship?  Do you understand the ramifications of marriage?

Orange Brain Mother: Are your making a whole-hearted decision? Have you embraced the changes in your life? Do you understand how open-minded you need to be?’

Which Mother of the Bride are you, have you been, experienced or want to be?

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