“Mother May I?”- Can You Following The Directions?

When I was a youngster we played a game called “Mother May I?” One person was the “Mother” and you had to ask how many actions you could take to reach the goal. The “Mother” would give you Precise Green Directions, such as: “Take 4 Baby Steps to the Left”  and you would have to follow the “Mother’s” Yellow Exact Directions.

Today, I though about “Mother May I?” as I was organizing a client’s What Color Is Your Brain? Team Building Program attendees Brain Colors in alphabetical order and including their Job Description Praiseworthy Gift. I organize and print out this form as a resource for my clients. Then they can easily find the appropriate person and their Brain Color for a specific task. Below are the directions I print on all the sheets that each attendee is asked to complete.

Your Brain Colors  
• Please PRINT your First and Last Names: Sheila Glazov
• Job Title: Personality Expert
• Your Brain Colors: Yellow = Y, Blue = B, Green = G, Orange = O  
• Your Brain Colors’ corresponding numbers (Highest 4 to Lowest 1) O = 4, B = 3, G = 2, Y = 1
• Praiseworthy Gift Word: Creative

1. NAME:________________________________Job Title____________________
Colors & Numbers:_______________________________________________
Praiseworthy Gift word:_____________________________________

I chuckled about all the different ways people interpreted and follow the directions:

1. Ms. J.
B: 4, Y: 3, O: 2, G: 1
Ms. J. wrote her Brain Colors and numbers correctly, but left out her Praiseworthy Gift Word and Job Description.

2. Ms. E.
4 = Y, 3 = B, 2 =O,  1 = G
Ms. E. reversed her Brain Colors and numbers, she  left out her Job Description, but included her Praiseworthy Gift Word.

3. Ms. G. – Job Description
Orange- 4, Green- 3, Blue-2, Yellow- 1
Ms. G. wrote out each of her Brain Colors, included the numbers and her Job Description, but left out her Praiseworthy Gift Word.

4. Dr. S.
Orange- 4, Green- 3, Blue- 1/2, Orange- 1/2
Dr. S. did not write his First Name, wrote out each of  his Brain Colors and included his numbers with 1/2 for two of the Brain Colors, and left out his Job Description and Praiseworthy Gift Word.

5. Ms. G. – Dependable, Dedicated & Loyal
4-Yellow, 3- Blue, 2 Green, 1 Orange
Ms. G. wrote out each of her Brain Colors, included the numbers before her Brain Colors, left out her Job Description, and included 3 Praiseworthy Gift Words.

6. Ms. T.
Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange
Wrote out her Brain Colors and left out her numbers, Praiseworthy Gift Word, and Job Description.

7. Ms. ??? – Remember
4- Yellow, 3- Blue , 2- Orange , 1- Green
Ms ??? remembered to include her Praiseworthy Gift Word (Remember). However, she did not Remember to:
write her last name, write out each of her Brain Colors, include her numbers before each Brain Color, or  her Job Description.

8. Finally… Ms. M. follow ALL the directions!!
Ms. M – Job Description
B: 4, O: 3, Y: 2, G: 1

This was only as sampling of how some Yellow, Blue, and Orange Brain Color individuals did not follow the directions. I was not surprised, that all of the Green Brainers  precisely followed all of the directions. I was surprised by the Yellow Brainers who did not follow the directions. However, Blue was their next highest Brain Color, which makes sense, because Blue Brainers can easily be distracted. There were many other individuals, of the 75 attendees, who used their Yellow Brains, followed the directions, and completed the task correctly.

Collating, organizing and alphabetizing my client’s Brain Color print-out was humorous and challenging; and know this it will be a beneficial resource for each attendee!

Remember, when you use your Yellow Brain and follow directions, it make your task and other people’s tasks much easier!

How well do you follow directions?

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