Moral Police

The only radio station I listen to is NPR- WBEZ. I used to enjoy WGN-720AM for local news, sports and interest. However, the 720 AM day time radio has become, in my “over 65, savvy, and sassy” opinion, insulting and insipid. Now I only listen to Milt Rosenberg in the evening.

This morning, I was listening to NPR and heard a story about the “Moral Police” in India. I was aware of this policy in India, other countries and communities. However, the story still startled me.The violence toward the young people who were attacked made my heart and every color of my brain ache! 

The world is filled with such an abundance of remarkable intelligence. One would like to think that we humans could remember our history lessons and learn to respect and appreciate others, their perspective, customs and religious beliefs.

I can appreciate people everywhere wanting to uphold their customs and/or religious beliefs. However, attempting to enforce their perspective with violence and prejudiced behavior, never fails to astonish and sadden me. 

“Moral Police”…”Neon Yellow Brainers“!

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