MIWP = Missing In Workshop Preparation

I‘ve been “MIWP” or “Missing In Workshop Preparation” the last few weeks.

Did you know that it takes 30 hours to prepare a 1 hour workshop presentation.

I have been preparing for 3 What Color Is Your Brain? workshops:

A 3 Hour In-Service Workshop for 35 teachers of the staff at Mark Twain Elementary School in Wheeling, IL on January 24th.

A 3 Hour In-Service Workshop for 50 members of the staff at the Woodridge Library in Woodridge, IL. on January 28th.

A 1 Hour collaboration with Irina Staicu, M.D. , focusing on how each Brain Color deals with health care issues and heart disease at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL.

However, this
workshop, which was scheduled for tomorrow, was canceled and will be rescheduled because the blizzard that
is expected to cover Chicagoland with 2 feet of snow today and

In preparation I:
1. Develop customized pre-workshop questionnaires for selected attendees and the meeting planner for customizing the workshop.
2. Review all questionnaires to develop workshop workbook
3. Discuss workshop goals and material with meeting planner
4. Develop customized workbook, PowerPoint slides and Brain Color Group Activities for workshop
5. Present workshop
6. Post-workshop: I create printouts of the Brain Color Group Activities and a document that contains each attendees Brain Color ranking in alphabetical order. These documents documents are valuable resource and reference material organizing teams, solving problems and collaborating on projects.

I estimated that I will have spent over 250 hours on pre and post workshop preparation.

I feel a sense of accomplishment because my clients have all the materials they need to transfer and apply their Brain Color knowledge in the workplace and at home.

I’m also delighted because the school principal, Jose Celis said, “We have never had a In-service program that rated so many 5’s. I’m waiting to hear back from the
Susan McNeil-Marshall, Library Administrator. I trust her staff was as pleased.

Today, I’m wearing a “Yellow” turtleneck to help my “Blue Brain” stay organized to to catch up on emails, tidy my office and begin the post-workshop printouts as I stay warm and safe in my home office as the snowfall increase.

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