Mindful Meditations

The events of the last few days,
which were celebrating Yom Kippur,
attending my friend’s mother’s funeral and
observing yahrezeit  for my mother,
have caused me to pause and ponder.

I have included two mediation from the prayer book that
was used during the mourner’s service on Tuesday night
when my friend and her family were sitting shiva.

I did not find the writings depressing.
I found them uplifting and enlightening.
I trust they will touch your heart and
encourage your thoughts about how you live your life.

“When we are dead, and people weep for us and grieve,
let it be because we touched their lives with beauty and simplicity.
Let it not be said that life was good to us,
but, rather, we were good to life.” 

by Jacob Philip Rudin

“Days are scrolls: write on them what you want to be remembered.”
by Bachya ibn Pakuda

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