Mimi’s Long Spoon: A Solution for Discomfort In Your Relationships

Have you ever had a problem with someone, which caused discomfort in your relationship and made you wanted to keep your distance from that individual? I think we all have experienced that type of situation.

My mother, a.k.a Mimi, created her own adage for dealing with that those circumstances. She would simply say, “I am feeding (him, her or them) with a long spoon.”

I love the metaphor. Mimi’s sage advice worked well for her and has always worked for me in my personal and professional relationships. When family members and friends use my mother’s wisdom, they give her attribution for her adage and tell me, “I used Mimi’s long spoon solution….”

Each Brain Color Personality might use “Mimi’s Long Spoon Solution” in a variety of situations:

Yellow Brainers use “Mimi’s Long Spoon Solution” when they know people have been disrespectful or irresponsible.

Blue Brainers use “Mimi’s Long Spoon Solution” when they feel someone has been unkind or selfish.

Green Brainers use use “Mimi’s Long Spoon Solution” when they think someone is creating chaos/drama and being unfair.

Orange Brainers use use “Mimi’s Long Spoon Solution” when they believe that someone is treating them like a child and continually making negative comments.

My mother was Neon Yellow. She could have won the Mrs. Propriety Award. Mimi always was a “Lady“, who knew how to feed people with a long spoon until the appropriate time to address the issues in the relationship. If there was a situation that could not be resolved and she had to interact with that individual, she did it with decorum and her long spoon!

I trust my mother’s Long Spoon adage will be helpful to you when you experience discomfort in any of your relationships.

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