Mighty Mouse To My “Blogging” Rescue

I’m back to my blogging. I’ve missed writing my post. However, I’ve continued to have computer program problems and my Logitch mouse continues to erratically jump around the screen. It’s behavior makes writing most difficult. I thought that Microsoft had solved the problem, but they didn’t. It seems that the mouse gets tired and misbehaves more after working and write for several hours.

I hope the new mouse Logitech is sending, which happens to be the 3rd one, will solves the problem. My old track ball mouse lasted for 10 years. I guess it’s true, mice just aren’t what they used to be. This really calls for… Mighty Mouse to the rescue!

This past week my “Technical Green Brain” took off time to prepare for and celebrate Rosh Hashanah , which is the Jewish New Year, with my family. 

My sincere wishes for the year 5771 are… 
An abundance of Good Health, Love, Joy,
Peace, Prosperity and very few Technical Problems!

Sheila N. Glazov , Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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