People are always curious about the Brain Color differences between men, women and their careers.

In the past few weeks, three of my What Color Is Your Brain? (WCIYB) Workshops
offered me fascinating and consistent  Brain Color data.

On May 28th, I presented a WCIYB workshop for the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce – Women’s Biz Net Council.  I knew the  number of “Blue and Orange Brainers” would be far greater than the “Yellow and Green Brainers,” because most of the attendees were small business owners who were “Orange Brain Entrepreneurs” and “Blue Brain Service Providers.” Their percentages were…
Orange: 35-40%, Blue: 25-30%, Yellow:10-15%, Green: 5-8%,

Last Monday, June 8th, I presented a “open to the public” program at the Palos Park Public Library. There was only one “Green Brain Techie” lady in the room. The three gentlemen who attended were also Green Brainers. One was an engineer, the other was the editor of the Regional News newspaper and the third was my “Green/Orange” husband, who is an attorney. There were only two “Orange Brain” entrepreneurial women and the rest of the women were equally divided between “Yellow Brainers” and “Blue Brainers.”
At a public program the statistic are usually the normal…
Yellow: 35-40%, Blue: 35-40%, Green: 10-15%, Orange: 10-15%.

This morning, I presented a third workshop for the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago, North Shore Group. All the attendees were men, except for four women. Their statistics were…
Yellow: 10-15%, Blue: 10-15%, Green: 34-40% and Orange: 35-40%. It made sense, because most of the club members were “Green Brain Consultants and “Orange Brain Entrepreneurs.”

Has your gender and/or Brain Color influenced  your career? 

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