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Hire Sheila Glazov to Bring more Color, Communication, and Collaboration to Your Business Conference, Association Meeting, or Professional/Personal Development Event!

If you are curious about how I can assist you, knowing that I am “Blue Brainer” will make you feel more comfortable. “Blue Brainer’s” are:

  • Helpful: I will be a reliable resource and make your job less stressful.
  • Creative: Your event will not be dull or boring. It will be engaging and productive.
  • Good listeners: I will ask, “What is important to you?” to focus your priorities and customize your program.
  • Enthusiastic: I love what I do and I am confident you will too!
  • Collaborative: We will work together and make your event dynamic and memorable!

My keynote presentation and workshop program help attendees better understand the people they work with, their family, and the individuals in their communities:

“Yellow Brain” need organized details.

“Blue Brainers” love to share their ideas.

“Green Brainers” want practical information.

“Orange Brainers” like to have fun!

Sheila Glazov

“Sheila was flexible, easy to work with and spent much time capturing our needs and understanding our expectations for the presentation to be specific for our facility."
Peggy Chapman
Taylorville Memorial Hospital

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