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“Sheila is such a delightful, fun and informative guest. She helps listeners understand their own personalities and styles and how to deal with others in a way that is easy to grasp, remember and share. The concept is catchy, fun and most of all life changing. Thanks to Sheila for this groundbreaking work and unforgettable presentation that lends itself so well to media interviews and callers.”
Patricia Raskin, Host/producer Patricia Raskin Postive Living radio shows

Sheila Glazov Brings Color to Your TV or Radio Studio:

Engaging Topics That Spark Lively Conversations and Audience Reactions…

Don’t Let Your Soul Mate Become a Cell Mate!
A fascinating topic for Valentine’s Day, summer weddings or anytime love is in the air. Sheila talks about how the personality quirks that we so adorable at the beginning of the relationship can become annoying later on and how understanding Brain Colors can help you appreciate your sweetie all over again. She could potentially work with some couples in your audience either live on air or ahead of time and then have them share their experiences. In addition, she could give away several free copies of her What Color is Your Brain? book to your viewers or listeners.

If Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus, Where are Children From?
According to Sheila Glazov, most children start life with bright orange personalities that gradually are modified as they grow up. A lot of blue, green and yellow-brained parents may find their children baffling and hard to understand. Even Blue, Yellow and Green brained children may find their parents clueless and incomprehensible. In this segment, Sheila helps parents understand what their children are thinking and how to communicate with them effectively. With funny examples and a sparkling personality she entertains as she educates. As a fun gift, she can give away a few copies of her What Color is Your Brain? bundled with her children’s book about Brain Colors Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

Turn Your Pain in the Neck into a Song in Your Heart!
Does The Office hit too close to home to you? Many people feel stress at the office due to personality conflicts with their co-workers. By explaining Brain Colors, Sheila Glazov will help your audience understand – in a non-judgmental way – where different personality types can clash and how to transform that relationship from a stressful pain in the neck to a song in the heart. Depending on your audience, she can give away several free copies of her What Color is Your Brain? book as an instant stress reliever for those with the funniest/craziest office co-worker story.

Close Deals, Not Doors!
For your business audience, Sheila Glazov brings a customer perspective to the sales process. By understanding the Brain Colors of their different customers or clients, salespeople can “decode” their communication styles and develop better rapport. Her fun and lively approach will entertain while she educates. She often gives away copies of her book What Color is Your Brain? to audience members/listeners. Some ideas might be as a prize for the best sales turnaround story or to the 10th caller, etc.

Did You Ever Wish You Had a Secret People Decoder?
Next to a magic wand and a personal “easy” button, there’s probably nothing that people would like more than to magically understand their familes, co-workers and people in their communities. Sheila Glazov, author of What Color is Your Brain? will share her Brain Colors secret with your audience. Guaranteed to provide “Aha!” moments, her lively conversational style entertains as she educates. Depending on your segment and audience, she can provide a couple of signed copies of her book What Color is Your Brain? to give away.

Carve the Turkey Not Your Relatives this Holiday…
Do you expect to grit your teeth through dinner with your family once again this year? Sheila Glazov’s Brain Colors can help your audience decode their family members’ personality styles and understand how to better communicate with them for a calmer, happier holiday season. A fun topic just before Thanksgiving or the December holidays, Sheila brings funny stories that make viewers laugh while they learn. Depending on your segment and audience, she can provide signed copies of her book What Color is Your Brain? to give away.

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