What Color Is Your Brain? Interview FAQ’s

The following is a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare your interview with Sheila about her book, What Color Is Your Brain?® A fun and fascinating approach to understanding yourself and others.

Upon your request, Sheila will customize the interview questions to focus on relationships, workplace issues, holidays, parenting, finances, travel, careers, etc. and create a “Brain Color Quiz” for you and your audience and/or readers.

  1. Can you briefly describe the four colors of the What Color Is Your Brain? Concept and how they relate to your personality?
  2. Why did you utilize colors to develop your WCIYB personality concept?
  3. How do the Brain Colors relate to four specific lobes of the brain?
  4. How can knowing your brain color help you better understand your personality?
  5. What is your personal connection to donating a portion of your book royalties to The Raue Center for The Arts?
  6. What is significant about distributed of your Brain Color Quiz score?
  7. Why does knowing WCIYB decrease frustration and increase cooperation in your life?
  8. Is it significant to understand how other people see your Brain Colors?
  9. Why does your Brain Color influence your attitude about others?
  10. In the workplace, how do the Brain Colors increase your job performance?
  11. Do the Brain Colors help to keep a positive attraction from becoming a negative reaction in a romantic relationship?
  12. Does WCIYB eliminate power struggles and create harmony at home and work?
  13. How can WCIYB strengthen the relationship you have with your spouse, children, siblings and/or other family members?
  14. Why do children understand the Brain Color concept so quickly?
  15. How does WCIYB help children become risk takers verses children at risk?
  16. Does understanding WCIYB encourage and build healthier self-esteem at home, school and at work?
  17. Do some Brain Colors personalities thrive in specific conditions and not in others?
  18. Can an individual change their Brain Color?
  19. Do your Brain Colors change throughout life?
  20. Is dealing with change more difficult for some Brain Colors than others?
  21. If you listen to someone’s conversation, can you tell what color brain they have?
  22. Can anyone learn to speak fluent Brain Color?
  23. Are misunderstandings due to conflicting Brain Colors?
  24. Does utilizing the Brain Colors resolve conflicts and reduce internal and external stress?
  25. Are some Brain Colors more compatible with others?
  26. How can you learn to sell more using WCIYB?
  27. Are there clues to help you connect with others and build a rapport with them?
  28. Do the Brain Colors effect how you make decisions?
  29. Are different Brain Colors attracted to specific careers?
  30. How can WCIYB help people create a “Hassle-Free Holiday Season”?
    • Why is understanding your Brain Color a priceless “Holiday” gift to yourself and others?
    • Are misunderstandings during family gatherings due to conflicting Brain Colors?
    • How can knowing the WCIYB approach decrease conflict and stress, and increase cooperation and communication, while preparing for and celebrating Holidays?
    • Do the four Brain Colors have different attitudes about celebrations, shopping styles, decorating techniques and gift choices?
    • Do the four Brain Colors demonstrate distinctive behavior when handling or mishandling money?
    • How can WCIYB strengthen the relationship individuals have with their spouses, children, siblings and/or other family members everyday and especially during the Holidays.
    • Does each Brain Color have a unique expectation and level of frustration during the Holidays?
    • How can WCIYB help people deal with significant changes, such as death, divorce, relocation and job loss, during the Holiday Season?
    • Will WCIYB help parents and children recognize how adapt to the “cheers” or “tears” atmosphere in their home during the Holidays?

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