Interview FAQ’s - Princess Shayna

The following is a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare your interview with Sheila about her book, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

Upon your request, Sheila will customize the interview questions to focus on home, school, community, parenting, family, self-esteem, diabetes, and bullying issues and create a “Princess Shayna Personality Quiz” for you and your audience and/or readers.

  1. Why is Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift such a valuable book for children?
  2. Why did you write Princess Shayna’s Invisible Gift?
  3. What is new in this updated version?
  4. Why do you believe “Every child deserves to feel loved, safe, encouraged, and confident within a trustworthy home, school, and community environment?”
  5. What are the main benefits readers or listeners, adults or children gain from reading Princess Shayna?
  6. Why is this book and the programs you offer different from other Bully Prevention and Self-Esteem books and programs?
  7. What is your personal and book connection and commitment to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation?
  8. What is your personal back story of Princess Shayna?
  9. What is the “Invisible Visible Gift”?
  10. By reading Princess Shayna, can children and adults build a firm foundation from which they can learn to solve their problems and savor their joys?
  11. How does reading Princess Shayna help youngsters discover their personality type and “Praiseworthy Gifts”?
  12. Girls easily relate to Princess Shayna as the strong, courageous and independent heroine, do boys enjoy reading a book about a princess?
  13. At what age can children begin to enjoy Princess Shayna?
  14. What is the significant message about “perfection” in the story?
  15. What is bibliotherapy and how does reading Princess Shayna utilize bibliotherapy?
  16. How does the Gift Giver’s Guide at the back of the book help adults start conversations and encourages children to talk about how the story and characters relate to their own real life experiences?
  17. As a fairy tale, how does Princess Shayna combine exciting storytelling with a powerful message that remains long after its reading?
  18. In the 14 years since its first publication, how has Princess Shayna been shared by parents, teachers, and involved adults to teach children.
    • How does reading this book help:How does reading this book help parents?
    • How does reading this book help teachers?
    • How does reading this book help concerned adults in the child’s community?
  19. How can Princess Shayna be used as a resource to reduce and redirect bully behavior?
  20. How do the four villages in the Kingdom of Kindness correspond to the four Brain Colors?
  21. How did you use the What Color Is Your Brain? approach as the foundation for Princess Shayna?
  22. Why did you utilize the Brain Colors in this fairy tale?
  23. How do the Brain Colors relate to four specific Villages in the Kingdom of Kindness and relate to the children’s personalities?
  24. How can knowing “what Village they live in” help the children better understand themselves and others?
  25. There are many engaging characters in the story, who or what do the many represent?
  26. What are the “Precious Gifts” the princess receives when she is born?
  27. What do the “Precious Gifts” symbolize in Princess Shayna’s life and in the story?
  28. Can reading Princess Shayna help children become responsible risk-takers verses children at risk?
  29. Why do children understand the Brain Color concept so quickly?
  30. How does understanding their Brain Colors encourage and help children build healthier self-esteem at home, school and in their community?

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