March Spring BrainBuzz Newsletter: Spring Gardening Tips, Mandatory Reading, Color-filled Books & Quizzes, and Freedom & Differences

plant reading book and newspaperSpring is about to burst into blossoms around the Chicagoland area, and my Blue Brain is eager to share the article titles in my !

Brain Colors In Your Garden: Fascinating and factual Gardening Brain Color Tips:
Yellow Brain Gardening helps individuals save money
Blue Brain Gardening encourages people to help others
Green Brain Gardening offers financial benefits
Orange Brain Gardening
is good for individuals’ health

Mandatory Reading: Two remarkable occupational therapists,who teach at Salus University, offer “Brainbow” testimonials for What Color Is Your Brain?®When Caring For Patients about resolving conflicts, using a common language, helping to mediate issues, communicating effectively, that you can apply to your professional and personal life. 

Seeing Brain Colors While You’re Reading: Discover how a nurse has begun reading with her Brain Color.

Freedom & Appreciation For Our Differences: Learn what a co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize and a prominent Protestant pastor, who opposed the Nazi regime, have in common.

New Brain Color Quizzes: Which 4 Brain Color Quizzes are being added to my website.

Quote of the Month: The secret nature can teach us about patience.

Have fun reading and learning useful information in my !

reading sheila glazov's brainbuzz newsletter with exclamation marksWhen you complete your reading, I would appreciate your Blue Brain Assistance: Please send me an email at with your first and last name and your email address, if  you would like to continue receiving my monthly newsletter. I am making changes to my website and the BrainBuzz sign-up list. I want to include everyone and not leave anyone out! Thank you!  


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