Make a Difference in 2009!

If you read my post, You Can Become a Shamas, you know that it helped me (and I hope you) to generate ideas about how to illuminate the world around with encouragement and opportunities. Again, I want to acknowledge and give attribution to Amy Hirshberg Lederman for her “brilliant” Chanukkah article in the Chicago Jewish News.

The article’s concluding suggestions also resonated with me. I know they will make a difference for me in the New Year, they might for you too.

“…but consider these eight small efforts that can make a world of difference and a difference in our world.

1. Show respect for others’ ideas, time and values, even when you disagree
2. Admit when you are wrong
3. Laugh at yourself, especially when things get crazy
4. Avoid harmful speech and gossip
5. Be authentic in your feelings and relationships
6. Donate food, clothing, time or money to organizations in need
7. Visit a friend who is lonely or sick
8. Look for a blessing in your life every single day and be grateful for it!”

Best Wishes for a Healthy, Joyful and Peaceful New Year!


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