Love, Money, and Valentine’s Day

Love, Money, and Valentine’s Day are  topics I discuss in my February BrainBuzz Newsletter!

How individuals handle financial issues is often the number one reason for the success or failure of a Romantic Relationship.

Below is a “Love and Money” except from Chapter #7 in What Color Is Your Brain? 

Yellow Brainers consistently make deposits in a savings account and plan how much they are going to spend on their financial needs or desires. Orange Brainers think Yellow Brainers are nuts for not spending their money while they can enjoy it.

Blue Brainers do not give a second thought to their finances. People, not pennies, are more important to them.  Blue Brainers will hire or ask a Green Brainer to help them with their finances. They do not think about how much they are spending, just how much they enjoy buying something for a friend or loved one.

Green Brainers enjoy spreadsheets and accounting for all their expenditures. Green Brainers become frustrated with the Blue Brainers when they have to explain their accounting practices, what a budget is, and why they need one.

Orange Brainers are spenders, not savers, and their attitude drives Yellow Brainers crazy. The Yellow Brainers often irritate the Orange Brainers because they want to limit their spending and teach them how to be financially responsible.

Remember to balan¢e your finance$ and your Romantic Relationship on Valentine’s Day and every day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
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