Listen To My Brain Color Radio Interview About Spring & Summer Family Celebrations!

This afternoon, I enjoyed another delightful radio interview with Patricia Raskin on her VoiceAmerica Patricia Raskin Show.

Listen to the radio show interview!

Patricia and I discussed the four Brain Colors, how they impact people’s lives, and how each Brain Color responds positively and reacts negatively to spring and summer events, such as graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding, bridal showers, vacations and reunions and/or house guests, that include family members and friends.

I explained the following Brain Color personalities and perspectives to Patricia and her listeners:

Yellow Brainers appreciate people responding promptly and being on time for their event.

Blue Brainers want to invite copious family members and friends to all the events they are hosting.

Green Brainers do not like to attend large events. They prefer going to small intimate gatherings.

Orange Brainer love any type of celebrations. More people at an event, means more fun for them!

Don’t forget to listen to my interview on the Patricia Raskin show! 
You will learn more about your Brain Colors, how to enjoy your spring and summer celebrations, and how to understand and appreciate your family members’ and friends’ Brain Colors!

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