LinkedIn Connections and Sticky Definitions

Authors love words!

Today, I learned a new definition for “Sticky“. I am a member of the Speaker Match LinkedIn Group. One of our members, Erika Harris, queried the group. Her question was about 
INTROVERTS & Public Speaking“. It related to personality types and
I responded with some “Brain Color” information I thought would be
helpful to her and the discussion.

Erika shared her thoughts with the group and I responded to her success.

“Thank you for the sharing your experience and your (networking) post. I’m going to share them with my eldest son, a “Green Brain Attorney,” who has asked me how he become a better “Blue Brain Communicator” when he has to network for business. I found your insight most helpful. I’m sure he will also. Congratulations!”

Below are the “sticky” communications:

Erika: “Sheila, your site is so intriguing. And very sticky 🙂 Like your son, my “workplace” brain is green, though my “personal” brain is orange. The idea of having various brains that express depending on the environment/situation is interesting. I’m glad to learn about your work!”

Sheila: “I am delighted that you enjoyed my site and that you found it helpful. Your “Brainbow” personality is similar to my son’s… Intelligent and Charming! My “Green Author Brain” is curious to know what your smiling definition of “sticky” means.”

I thought of several general definitions: sticky fingers, notes, buns, rice, tape and honey were  thoughts, as the Band-Aid commercial jingle replayed in my brain, until I received Erika’s “website” definition.

Erika: “A ‘sticky site’ is a “Website so rich in content and features, and so well organized, that visitors feel compelled to stick around for quite a long time and come back often.”

Sheila: Thank you! I am honored and I appreciated the link and complete definition. I think I’ll blog about you and “Sticky.” 🙂

Aren’t New Words and Connections Fun?

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