Life Changing Broken Leg Lessons and Blessings!

Post image for Life Changing Broken Leg Lessons and Blessings!I broke my leg! To be precise, I broke my tibia 9 weeks ago this morning! It was our eldest son’s birthday and I kept thinking it was much easier and more joyful having a baby than breaking my leg!

When people ask me how I broke my leg my Orange Jokester Brain replies, I was practicing my pole vaulting for the Summer Olympics in Rio.” My leg hit the bar, the bar fell down, and broke my leg.”

Some people believe me and respond with “Really!” and others laugh and ask, “How did you actually break your leg?” My Blue Authentic Brain, replies, “I actually broke my leg gardening.”

If people want to know more about my accident, I explain that I was standing on a 4 foot raised bed, at the lower level of our home, and preparing to dig out decorative grasses to transplant in another garden. I believe my garden clog on my left foot slipped on the wet railroad tie boarder of the raised bed, when I put my right foot on the shovel to dig up one of the grasses. The next thing I remember was relaxing my body as I flew through the air, landing on my back on the wet grass, and screaming for my husband, who was inside the our home with the window tightly closed because the conditioning was on. I am glad I am a professional speaker and know how to project my voice! In between screams, I also began my yoga belly breathing to prevent myself from hyperventilating. I am grateful that my 20 plus years of yoga has kept my body and brain flexible and fit.

I will explain my Brain Color Emergency Room, ambulance, and doctor’s office experiences in another blog post.

Most importantly, my Green Brain Learned copious life changing lessons and an abundance of Blue Brain Gratitude for my life, my husband, family, friends, and health care professionals.

    • I most grateful that I fell on my back and only broke my leg. I could have fallen onto the railroad ties or the stone paving brick, 4 feet below, and injured myself more severely.
    • I learned how it feels to be disabled and have to use a wheel chair, walker and cane.
    • I am grateful that my injury is only temporary.
    • I physically and mentally learned to be more understanding and compassionate of individual’s with permanent disabilities. Especially, our wounded warriors who also suffer from Post Traumatic Brain Disorders.
    • I am lovingly blessed with my husband Jordan, who has taken extraordinary Yellow Brain Care of me and my needs. When we were married, almost 50 years ago, we both signed our Ketubah, which is Jewish Wedding Contract. I repeatedly tell Jordan, “Caring for me and my broken leg was not written in Ketubah. Jordan Lovingly Laughs and tells me, “It was written in the Ketubah!” Jordan also told me and our daughters-in-law that he now has a better understanding and appreciation for how much a woman who is a wife, mother, and/or business woman accomplishes in her daily routine of cooking, shopping, doing laundry, chauffeuring, and taking physical care of loved ones and herself.
    • I am also blessed with family members, friends, and health care professionals who have generously and thoughtfully offered me and Jordan their, love, concern, care, and expertise.
    • I will take my cell phone outside, when I am able to return to my gardening.


Now you know why I have not blogged for the last several months and why I am grateful for and blessed by my life changing broken leg lessons and blessings, which I will continue to learn from and appreciate!

Think about what life changing lessons you have learned and why you feel grateful and blessed because of your experience.

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