Library Staff Brain Color Personality Statistics

I just completed the What Color Is Your Brain? Workshop Print-outs from the Woodridge Public Library Staff In-Service program.

It’s always fascinating to see the differences in Brain Color personalities depending on a client’s profession or relationship.

43 Participants completed the Brain Color Code form and their Brain Color were as follows:
Yellow = 20
Blue =10
Green= 11
Orange= 2

It was interesting, but not surprising to see, that many of the the staff members’ Yellow and Blue Brain Colors were numerical ranked only one or two numbers apart when they filled out their Brain Color Assessments. 

These Brain Colors statistics make sense because of the library staff members’ workplace or department responsibilities. 

I also ask workshop participant to include “Praiseworthy Gift” descriptive word on the form. I want them to explain and share something they think is remarkable about their personality, attributes and/or abilities. 

Many people have a difficult time thinking of a word. Why, you might be thinking? Because, most people do usually ask others, “What is remarkable about you? or “What is your most wonderful attribute or ability” or “What do you like most about your personality?”

Some of their “Praiseworthy Gift” Descriptive Words were:

= Organized, dependable and responsible
Blue = Helpful, caring and communicative
Green= Knowledgeable, logical and efficient
Orange= Resourceful, Humorous and fun

The Brain Color Code Form Print-Out also is helpful to my clients and their co-workers because they have a document to reference when organizing productive teams or understanding conflict vs. compatibility in their relationships.

Next time you visit your local library, maybe you will look at the people who work in circulation, reference or the children’s department from a different perspective, depending on your Brain Color personality!

Remember to use your “Yellow Brain” and
follow the “talk quietly rule” in the library!

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