Let Go Of Problems & Negative Thoughts

While traveling to Palm Springs, California many years ago, my mother was seated next to a handsome gentleman in the first class section of the aircraft.  Right after take off her seat mate stretched his left arm out in front of his body and rhythmically began to open and close his fist.

My “Blue Brain” mother became concerned and thought that he was not feeling well.

She inquired, “Excuse me, are you feeling OK?”

He respond, “I’m fine thank you. I’m just letting go of my problems and negative thoughts.”

“Splendid,” my mother said.

When her “Yellow Brain” began to worry, Mother would practice his relaxing technique
to reduce her stress and remove troublesome thoughts.

What a simple activity and metaphorical solution:
Unclench your problems. 
Fan you finger apart to free yourself of detrimental thoughts.
Release and Relax!

Try it and see if it works for you.
I have found it to be most helpful, especially combined with Pranayama Yoga breathing.

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