Learn the Secret to Become A Successful Negotiator!

A Negotiator

An individual who helps two people or a group of people who disagree to reach a successful agreement with each other.

Negotiator in your professional life

In our professional lives there are times we must be a negotiator. You might be negotiating for a new job, a raise, a project, collaboration with team members or a client. You might also work as a professional negotiator

Negotiator in your personal life

In our personal lives there also are times we must be a negotiator. You might be negotiating with your partner, children, parents or family members about holidays, bed times, vacations, how to spend your money or what movie to watch while staying home during the Coronavirus.

Your Brain Color  “Negotiator” Personality examples:

Below are examples of each Brain Color’s  “Negotiator” Personality, which are the secret that will help you become a successful negotiator:

I use my  Yellow Brain Personality to be a perseverant negotiator.

I use my  Blue Brain Personality to be an insightful negotiator.

I use my Green Brain Personality to be an unemotional negotiator.

I use my Orange Brain Personality to be a persuasive negotiator.

Final thought

To be successful a negotiator you needs to utilize the following attributes and abilities depending on the situation:

  1. Have preparation and planning skills
  2. Gain knowledge about the issue
  3. Think clearly and quickly under pressure or dealing with uncertainty
  4. Express thoughts clearly
  5. Listen accurately 

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