Learn How to Build Your Success with Familial Relationships!

You can easily use the recognizable metaphor of a family to emphasize the importance of each family member helping to successfully build your relationships.

I am including the following Meet the Success Family story in my new family business memoir.

It is a perfect example for the chapter, which is entitled: Achieving and Maintaining Success.

Let me introduce you  to the Success Family:

Meet the Success Family
The father of Success is Work.
The mother of Success is Ambition.
The eldest son is Common Sense.
His brothers are: Perseverance, Honesty, Thoroughness, Foresight, Cooperation, and Enthusiasm.
The eldest daughter is Character.
Her sisters are: Cheerfulness, Loyalty, Care, Economy, Sincerity, Harmony, and Courtesy.
The baby is Opportunity.
Become well acquainted with the father of the family and you develop a successful relationship with the entire family!

Think about how many of the Success Family Members have helped you build successful relationships in your professional and personal life!

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