Learn Easy Tips to Motivate Your Brain Color Personality!

Spring is about to arrive! It’s the time of year to think about motivating your Brain Color Personality. This change of season usually motivates people to begin their “Spring Cleaning” in their home, garden, community and/or office.

If you are ready to motivate your Brain Color Personalty you will need to shift your Brain Colors to successfully change your behavior, effectively make decisions, resolve conflicts, and reduce the stress in your life to motivate yourself or possibly others. To make those changes, it will be most beneficial to understand the appropriate Brain Color Motivators. The following Brain Color Motivators information is excerpted from my What Color Is Your Brain?®: When Caring for Patients book.


Doing what is right
Completing a to-do list
Symbolic recognition

Others listening to and valuing my ideas
Opportunities to share my feelings
Not being taken for granted
A pat on the back
Creative opportunities

Problem-solving opportunities
Creating a system or procedure
Feedback at the end of a project
Cutting-edge resources
Recognition of my solution

Thrill of a new challenge
Financial rewards
Rapid results

Now, that you have learned the easy tips to motivate your Brain Color Personality, you can successfully begin your “Spring Cleaning!”

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  1. Old Lazy George on March 19, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    My Spring Brain color is Brown–a mixture of all four colors slowly merged together from relaxing in the green grass and looking up at the blue sky. Yes, Spring Fever is upon me and has turned my brain to sludge–I don’t even remember what a 2 Club opener means…

    • sheila on March 21, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      “Old Lazy George,” your comments always make me laugh and smile because they remind me of what you Uncle Al would have said if he read this post. Thanks for the “Newman Family Humor!” Love you even if you think your Brain is brown!

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