“Kvelling” Bursting With Joy – Princess Shayna Musical

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This is the 11th Princess Shayna Musical journal entry/blog post from director Kim Woycke. I was overjoyed when Jordan (White Falcon) and I visited the rehearsal last Friday evening. Kim had asked the cast  to be prepared to run the show as a “stumble through”.

Actor Brad Harbaugh says, “A stumble through is exactly what it sounds like. The actors start at the beginning of the show and stumble their way through to the end, without stopping, and without shame. They have a notion of their blocking (the movement their characters makes on the stage), they have their lines memorized, more or less (mostly less), and they try their best to do the show without causing injury to self or others or embarrassment to the playwright.”

Kim encouraged the actors to “Come focused and ready to rehearse, as this rehearsal will help us to gauge how much work we have left. We only have 3 more weeks to finalize our play.”

Jordan and I enjoyed watching the “stumble through” and loved listening to the “Invisible Visible Gift” and the “Sun Is Shining” songs. It was hard to hold the video camera still because my Blue Heart  was overwhelmed with jy about the beautiful music and lyrics Kim and the actors had created!

My Orange Brain is “Kvelling”, a Yiddish term for bursting with joy, being extraordinarily proud, rejoicing, and being delighted about the entire musical production Kim and the actors have produced from my fairy tale, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift!”

When you read Kim’s journal you will understand why I am “Kvelling”!

“Hooray!  We have officially written all of the material for our Musical.  We have a 34 page script!  The actors have worked extremely hard, and I am definitely excited about the material we have created.

This week, we finished blocking chapters 12, 13 & 14.  The cast worked extremely well as we flew through this material.  They had many creative ideas, and really took ownership of their characters.  I was once again thrilled to see how well our cast members cooperate and share.  A perfect example of this always comes when we divide up lines.  Of course, every actor wants as many speaking lines as possible, however, the students have really embraced the idea that we are all important and vital to this production, and that it is imperative that each cast member have a moment to shine.  With that in mind, the actors are regularly volunteering each other for various lines.  I often hear them say “So-and-So hasn’t had a line in a while, I think they should say that” or “I don’t need this one, you can say it”. 

These kinds of words are so wonderful to hear, as it truly shows that our cast members have taken the key lessons of the book and applied them to the entire process.

In addition to working on our staging, we also took some time to discuss our costumes.  The actors are eager and filled with wonderful ideas about their character costumes.  I am very excited to allow their input into the costuming process!

Our show is coming oh so quickly!  We have 3 more rehearsals and then our tech and dress rehearsal in the space.  I am excited for next week when we will put the entire show together, and see how we can continue to help it grow and develop.”

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  2. […] 11.”Kvelling” Bursting with Joy –  Princess Shayna Musical […]

  3. […] 11.”Kvelling” Bursting with Joy –  Princess Shayna Musical […]

  4. […] 11.”Kvelling” Bursting with Joy – Princess Shayna Musical […]

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