Keep An Open Mind

One of the traits that made President, Abraham Lincoln  a great leader was his ability to keep an open mind. This required a basic sense of humility and willingness to admit his mistakes.

Many people react with stubbornness and anger when their mistakes are pointed out.

During the Civil War, President Lincoln under sever political pressure, signed an order to transfer certain regiments from one field of battle to another.

But Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln’s, Secretary of War, refused to carry out the orders.
“Lincoln is a damn fool for ever signing the order,” Staton snorted.

The remark was passed on to the president, who did not disagree. I believe, the president was a “Green/Blue Brainer”: calm, fair, compassionate and communicative.

“If Stanton said I am a damn fool, then he must be one,” president replied. “He’s nearly always right in military matters. I’ll step over and find out what his reasoning is.”

Stanton, much more knowledgeable in the science of warfare than Lincoln, convinced his commander-in-chief of the folly of the order.

Lincoln promptly rescinded it, saving the Union troops from disaster that otherwise would have cost thousands of lives.

In difficult situations, creative problem solvers know…
it is crucial to keep an open mind!

Story credit: Bits and Pieces
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