Joyful Thanksgiving Day Celebration

My “Blue Brain and Heart” are delighted to say…
“Let’s the Thanksgiving Day holiday preparations begin!”
My shopping is complete
Now, it’s time to…
Marinate the fresh turkey and turkey breast
Clean and cut the veggies for the vegetable crudite platter
Prepare the sweet potato with dried apricots and pecans
Make the carrot ring
Bake the pumpkin pie cake
Bake the 3 berry peace pie
Set the tables

Jordan and I have hosted a Thanksgiving Day Celebration at our home for the past 35 years, no matter where we have lived.

I count all my blessings, and I am most thankful for the abundance of love from family members and friends, good health, joy, peace in my heart, growth in my business and laughter in my life!

Best wishes to all for an abundance of blessing that make your heart sing and bring a smile to your face as you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day Celebration!

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