January Brain Color Newsletter

This afternoon, I finally published my January Brain Buzz Newsletter.
I have include information about:
1. The history of Disney storyboarding and how to make your own storyboards
2. How each Brain Color makes decisions and is motivate to achieve their goals
3. A New Year Affirmations to encourage you to create your own
4. More news about the Wheeling Elementary School Problem Solving Investigation Classes
5. Upcoming surprises
6. Valentine’s Day Brain Color Clues next month

I trust you will enjoy this issue. I find that it takes me at least 2 days to develop and write the newsletter. It probably would not take so long if my “Green Brain” stopped making revision in the attempt to include more information and improve the content.

However, I find that the little glitches that show up frustrate me the most. For example, this month a “t” before one of the titles that was not there when I hit the “schedule” button.

This month it was also more difficult to make revisions because my husband was very sick with the “Crud” and a fever, and was not able to edit for me. However, I did have two other people look at it for me and they did catch some errors. My apologies from my “Blue Brain ” for an errors.

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue. Please, share it with your co-workers and family members.

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Happy Reading!

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