Is It Difficult for You to Say “No”?

An experience today, reminded me that many people find it difficult to say “No” to other people’s requests. They do not realize that it is OK for them to say “No”, nor do they know how to say “No” without feeling badly, hurting another person’s feeling or disappointing that individual.

Many years ago, my Blue Helpful Brain figured out a way to say “No” to requests.

Firstly, I use my Green Brain  and take time to think about the request.

Secondly, my Green Brain contemplates if the answer would be a “Healthy Decision” for me.

You might be wondering what I mean by “Healthy”. My definition of “Healthy” means taking good care of myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and financially.

Thirdly, if my Green Brain decides if one or more of the areas, I previous mentioned, is not a “Healthy Decision” for me; I thank the individual who made the request and then I let them know that I said “No” to their request because it was not a “Healthy Decision” for me.

I do not feel badly, I have not hurt the another person’s feeling, nor have I disappointed that individual or myself.  Usually people are shocked by my “Healthy Decision” reply. Then they often comment, “What a good idea.” or “I will have to try saying that.”

When you begin making “Healthy Decisions” with your Yellow, Blue, Green, or Orange Brain, it will no longer be difficult to say “No”!

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