International Listening Awareness Month


The genesis for learning about blogs and creating my blog was my desire to share weekly Brain Color Clues with others. I thought the sequence of the four Brian Colors offered a logical opportunity. I could offer posts on Monday of each week of the month.  1st Monday will be Yellow, 2nd Monday Blue, 3rd Monday Green and the 4th Monday will be Orange.

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To make the posts more fun and helpful I would connect each month to an event from Chases Calendar of Events

For example, March is International Listening Awareness Month. This month’s posts will encourage your Brain Color listening techniques.  

When people communicate, you will discover that they consistently, and often unconsciously, tell you what color their brain is. It is easy to refine your listening skills or have fun politely eavesdropping whenever possible.

The following are 3  YELLOW Brain Color Clues to enhance your listening aptitude and awareness.  

1. Yellow Brainers use “should” and/or “have to” when they are talking about themselves or others.

2. If you are at a social gathering, pay attention to the conversations, Yellow Brainers ask about your home or the community where you live because they value stability.

3. When concluding a telephone conversation or personally saying goodbye, you might hear Yellow Brainers say: “Be careful,” Be Safe” or “Thanks.”

Keep listening and look for the Blue Brain Color Clues next Monday!

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