Today, I received an email from  Gloria Petersen,a friend, fellow professional speaker and etiquette expert. On her blog, Gloria announced that today is “International Conflict Resolution Day. Begun in 2005 by the Association for Conflict Resolution, organizations around the world are holding events on the third Thursday of October to promote awareness of creative means of
resolving conflict and to celebrate significant contributions towards this effort.”

Understanding your Brain Color personality and that of other is an effective means to resolve conflict.
I think it is critical to recognize and understand the behavior and feelings that cause conflict and create compatibility for each Brain Color.

Yellow Conflict
Is judgmental and self-righteous
Becomes controlling
Complains and expresses self-pity
Demonstrates inflexibility
Worries about the future

Yellow Compatibility
Takes care of others
Completes tasks
Is prompt
Committed to work/home
Knows what is expected

Blue Conflict
Cries and becomes hysterical
Becomes depressed and remorseful
Says “I’m fine,” but really isn’t
Does not face reality
Acts irrationally

Blue Compatibility
Gets and gives hugs
Enjoys and respects nature
Is compassionate and truthful
Shares feelings openly
Trusts intuition

Green Conflict
Gives others the cold shoulder
Becomes sarcastic and critical
Shows indifference and insensitivity
Is uncooperative

Green Compatibility
Utilizes knowledge
Satisfies curiosity
Is competent and precise
Follows a system or method
Promotes justice and fairness

Orange Conflict
Acts immaturely and is belligerent
Becomes disobedient, breaks rules
Is rude and physically aggressive
Drops out physically and emotionally
Shows compulsive behavior   

Orange Compatibility
Demonstrates skillfulness
Competes with others
Is courageous and takes risks
Enjoys life’s challenges
Expresses themselves freely

Miscommunications create misunderstandings and conflicts.
Communicating and interpreting in Brain Color will you help you:

1. Interpret signals when you or someone else is having an “off color” day.
2. Decrease your internal and external conflicts.
3. Increase the compatibility and harmony in your relationships.

Conflict resolution and compatibility is not just Black and White:

Greens never want to be wrong and
Yellows always need be right.
Blues continue to talk and talk, while
Oranges need to take a hike.

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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  1. Sheila Glazov Author Speaker on November 20, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Thanks. Your picture perspective is interesting…I use it in my workshop slides all the time when discuss conflict. Thanks for your comment… What color is your brain???

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