Improve Your Communication Skills and Relationships: 10 Clues for Sincere Listening!

Please Listen To Me

It seems that people are plugged into electronics, instead of what another adult or child is saying to them. However, what most people are usually listening for and/or asking for someone to “Please listen to me!”

Hearing, But Not Listening

Do you ever feel that people are physically hearing what you are saying, but not listening to what you are saying? We all have experienced the feeling of not being listened to with sincerely with co-workers, family members, friends, salespeople, servers in restaurants, and the list could possibly go on forever.

Brain Color Listening Skills

Below are examples of what each Brain Color Personality listens for in a conversation.
Yellow Brainers listen for detailed information.
Blue Brainers listen for personal stories.
Green Brainers listen for the precise facts.
Orange Brainers listen for fun ideas.

Raymond’s 10 Clues For Sincere Listening

Several years ago, when  I was preparing for a leadership and a teambuilding building program for Newslink Group, LLC employees, I interviewed Raymond Kayal, Jr., the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. Raymond shared his 10 Clues for Sincere Listening with me. Raymond has generously and graciously given me permission to share his  10 Clues for Sincere Listening in my books and programs.

10 Clues for Sincere Listening by Raymond Kayal, Jr.
1. Clear your mind of pre-conceived ideas
2. Discipline yourself to listen sincerely (honestly, truly, truthfully, wholeheartedly, earnestly)
3. Be objective, not emotional
4. Hear and pay attention what you are being told
5. Recognize there is something critically important in what is being said
6. Identify where the speaker wants to go in the conversation
7. Be aware to fish out and capture all the potential golden nugget ideas
8. Think and process
9. Articulate your perspective
10. Be open to a different POV (Point of View)
11. Concentrate on what you are listening to and don’t busy your brain with a premature answer

Final Thought

I am confident you will benefit from Raymond’s ideas to improve your listening and communication skills and your relationships in your workplace, at home, and in your school, and community!


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