“If You’re Aware, The Gifts Are There!”

Rude Behavior

The United States political campaigns, their candidates, and their rude behavior are, sadly, inundating America’s and the world’s media.

Song Lyrics

Several years ago, my yoga instructor reminded me about the lyrics: “Once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look at it right” from the Grateful Dead song, entitled Scarlet Begonias.

Favorite Quote

That prompted me to offer one of my favorite Brain Color quotes: “If you’re aware, the gift is there.” How often do we miss, overlook or misconstrue our own and/or other individual’s “light” or Brain Color “Praiseworthy Gifts,” which are our attributes and abilities!

Look At The Gift

We might miss the light and/or not be looking at the gift because it is metaphorically wrapped in paper we do not like and is decorated with ribbon that might not be the color we prefer.

People’s Brain Colors And Gifts

The same is true of people. How do you see your own or other individuals’ “light” and Brain Color “Praiseworthy Gifts?”

  • Do you see one of a Yellow Brainer’s gifts as the ability to structure their life and/or maybe yours as organized or controlling?
  • Do you see one of a Blue Brainer’s gifts as the ability to easily talk with others as communicative or nosy?
  • Do you see one of a Green Brainer’s gifts as the ability to remain objective as insensitive?
  • Do you see one of an Orange Brainer’s gifts as the ability to be fearless as irresponsible?

Closing Thought

Keep looking, don’t miss the light, a right place, or “Praiseworthy Gifts”… If you’re aware, the gifts will be there!”

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