If you weren’t a Project Manager before the Coronavirus, you are now!

Because of the Coronavirus individual are learning how to juggle and manage their professional and personal lives and projects.

Before the Coronavirus people were going to work in their offices, businesses, or their home office and managing their own personal scheduling, connections, and projects.

Now, thousands of people are juggling how to manage their work projects in their homes and adapt and following the new state government “stay at home” and “social distancing” policies.

If you were not a Project Manager, you are now!

Below are examples of how each Brain Color can help people adapt to other individuals and juggle new life styles, while becoming a Project Manager.
Yellow Brainers are managing by making schedules for their work responsibilities and planning how their children are doing their school lessons through at-home-learning.

Blue Brainers are managing by making special time to call, Facetime, Skype, Zoom with family members, friends, and colleagues.

Green Brainers are managing by providing remote learning and remote meetings and helping people pay bills, shop, stay connected safely.

Orange Brainers are managing by finding ways for themselves and their family members to have fun to release the “stay at home” stress by playing games, playing in their back yards away from others, playing cards, board games or games on their electronic devices, and using Zoom or Skype for engagements, weddings, proms, and vacations.

I hope these facts will help you be more patient and understanding of everyone who is diligently working to become a Project Manager, while safely staying home from work, schools, and community activities!






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